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Best Papercrafting Adhesive

best papercrafting adhesive-2

If you are a devout Close to my Heart fan you may have noticed that we carry MANY different types of adhesives. Have you ever wondered why? or what they might be all used for? Well today I would like to share with you what our best adhesive’s are and what you can use them for!

  1. CTMH Glue Pen

This pen comes in a fine tip and a broad tip. It is a great glue that holds really well and is rather inexpensive. You can use it for a light hold or strong hold depending on the amount of time you allow the glue to dry before attaching a project together. This glue is really good for paper crafting and does not buckle the paper! I really like it for cards as you can coat the paper (because it is inexpensive) and it will hold all the edges down.

2. Glue dots (not pictured)

When I created my image I realized I forgot to take a picture of this great addition to our adhesive family. Glue dots are a necessary for the crafter’s tool bag. They are the perfect item to glue down ribbon and other small accessories. I prefer the mini ones myself- they are NEVER the wrong size!

3. Duck Brand Adhesive

This little tape adhesive has a strong hold and is my go-to glue- especially for paper crafting! I tend to prefer tape adhesive in any situation that allows for it. The duck brand is non-refillable but the hold is worth it to me. The only drawback is that the adhesive does come out in a tape format- so if your paper is less than 1/2inch thick then the adhesive may run over the paper which can make for a messy look (or you spend some time folding the adhesive down).

4. EZ Dots Adhesive

This blue dot tape adhesive is also one that I like to have on hand (hence why the cartridge is empty in my picture – I ran out! ). This tape adhesive is refillable which does save you a little money when buying refills. Because it is a dot adhesive I can use this wherever my duck adhesive doesn’t work (those thin pieces of paper, intricate cuts from the circut, etc). The glue comes out very smoothly- another plus!

5. Liquid Glass

Please tell me you have tried this!? Our liquid glass has so many uses!!! It is a great highlight to projects (can be used over a stamped image to create the look of embossing, use it over water in a photo to create the look of waves, use it on a flower image to create dew, etc). It is also a very strong adhesive – think super glue! Working on 3D items- this is the glue that will give hold long term. (I have even used this to glue the sole of my shoe back on one- it worked perfectly!)

So, which is the BEST adhesive for paper crafters?


Seriously- I have all of them because they all have a different purpose and use.

Which of these adhesives do you find yourself grabbing when you craft?

Until we craft again, The Brae-er