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‘Thrive-ing’ in Canada with CTMH


Last weekend my team had our Thrive Celebration- although we made this event a full weekend event it started out as an incentive that CTMH offered teams. We had 5 categories in which we had to qualify and as a team we worked hard and did it! These categories were not easy and every person on my team worked really hard over the qualifying period… and then we waited to have a corporate presenter come to us and teach and inspire us!

Fast forward to last weekend- 55 ladies joined us for a full weekend of crafting and another 20 joined us for the 5 hour portion lead by our corporate VP, Kristine Widtfeldt and Tiffany Young from the Events department. We were ‘cozy’ but had so much fun!!!


No event is complete without a photo booth- props were courtesy of our Artbooking cartridge!


and my events NEVER happen without the most amazing cookies baked and decorated by my sister-in-law, Leann.  Yummy and pretty! We had a travel theme to our weekend so the little CTMH airplanes were the perfect accessory.

IMG_3720 IMG_3727 IMG_3762

Here I am with a team member (Jennifer in the glasses) and the two corporate staffers- Tiffany on the far left and Kristine next to her. This actually turned out to be Kristine’s last event with us at CTMH- she hadn’t yet told anyone that she was moving on to a new company.  We will sadly miss her- so much fun and energy! I know she is leaving because it was the right move for her family and career and CTMH is a strong company that will go on but it is hard to see someone leave who has been such a asset for 10 years. (The selfish me hopes she misses us and comes back!).

AND here is my THRIVING team!!!

We are thriving and growing and I am so proud of each member of my fabulous group! Our whole team is over 400 members strong so this is just a small portion but each person’s efforts are truly appreciated and valued!

Lastly, a big THANKS to all who came, contributed and helped throughout the event! A special big thanks to those ladies who flew in! We had ladies from PEI, Nova Scotia, Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta fly to be with us for the weekend!


Until we craft again, The Brae-er