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Shadow box LOVE!

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you may be thinking, ‘Don’t you LOVE everything you tell us about?’

Well, you would be right LOL- and that my friends is why I became and REMAIN a consultant with Close to my Heart!

I have been hearing from my customers for a while now about shadow boxes- why don’t we carry any? especially when they show one in the idea book all the time?

Answer: cause CTMH hadn’t made one yet that was BETTER than what was already available! And now they have!!!

First of all, they are gorgeous and really well made- our shadow box frames come in black or colonial white (which is a cream colour).  The opening will fit a 12×12 page perfectly.  What is the best part? The frame lifts up so that you can fit in your page without damaging it- this feature makes it very easy to change up your frame time and time again! Closure stays closed with a magnet- seriously this is genius!

shadowbox frame

 I was lucky enough to receive one of these frames as my parting gift for my term on the Advisory Board- a bittersweet moment for sure.  This AB turned out to be the last for CTMH as they move in a new direction and strike policy committees as needed.  I have loved every moment of being part of the AB and am so happy that I had the opportunity at all.

(The art department created the layout- gorgeous!!! It features lots of our new product.)

If you want to order one of these beautiful frames then just click the photo below- you will NOT be disappointed!

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 12.03.14 PM

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Card Display using the Decor Frame

I love all the cute cards I make and receive but I find if I put them away in a box I tend to forget I have them and NOT give them away as I should.  Recently I started putting my completed cards up on one of our decor frames (this is the colonial white one that comes with a chicken wire insert) and I have to say I love it!!

It looks beautifu

It looks nice

and I now use my cards MUCH more- after all the point is not to accumulate this HUGE pile of cards but to give them away and spread joy and thoughtfulness.
decor frame card display

There are so many fun ways to use our decor frames- here are the two styles we currently sell.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.46.26 PM    Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 12.46.44 PM

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the whole family!

I love holidays- especially the ones that really allow me to be creative and have fun with my family! Valentine’s Day is 100% one of those holidays!

I have created lots of fun stuff in preparation for the big day (and have a bag of hidden ‘goods’ to surprise my loved ones with that morning).

Here are just a few of the things I have created that I hope will inspire you!

kids valentine

This is the Valentine ‘treat’ for my kids to take to their class (at school for one and daycare for the other).  I used the February Stamp of the Month to create the ‘Wild Thing’ image and on the back used a nice black pen and a stamp image to add the phrase “… you are WRITE on”- cute, right?!

Sorry photo removed for publication!     

This in the card I intend to give to my sweet hubby! He tends to (really) dislike holidays and usually does not do a whole lot but I LOVE them (and if reads this then I suggest you do a little something for all of us that day… I know you can do it!).  This card looks simple (and truly it was) but it took a while. I used our new flamingo dots (you are getting some serious sneak peeks here!)  and a heart I cut out on the cricut.  The heart was cut out on Kraft paper so that it would blend in and not look like I had a base at all.  I then added my flamingo dots one by one.  To make sure they stay put I coated the whole heart with a layout of liquid glass- voila!

love you frame

And last- my ‘I Love You’ decor frame.  At Christmas I had my advent calendar set up on this- now I am switching it to Valentines and I plan to list all the reasons I love my family and all the things they do to keep the love going! They can add to this as well.  I have a video showing the frame in detail below- enjoy!!

love you frame close up

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Decor Display- a MUST buy!!

So I was very excited about these when they were announced at convention but now having seen one and completed the one that ones as a kit- WOW I love these!!!
These decor frames come in two styles- colonial white with chicken wire or black with clothesline wire and they retail for $26.95- did I mention they are wood, very sturdy and an amazing quality!! The one I have created above ones as a kit- you get the frame, Kraft pieces, mini clothes pins,the hemp and a stamp set for only $35.95! An excellent deal!! I love mine so much I may need to get new family photos done to place in the photo wells. 
Here is a close up of some of the stamping- because this item will hang on the wall it is recommended that you stamp with pigment inks ( they will not fade). 
Order this item and more on August 1 st at

Until we craft again, The Brae-er