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Base and Bling Hair Clip- How to make a flower!

I am so excited that we are offering Base and Bling craftable Jewelry! How fun to make your own stuff- my daughter is going to be decked out in cuteness and I LOVE it!

Want to know how to make a big full flower for the hair clip (or for other pieces)? Read on!
Step 1: cut MANY circles. Mine are two inches in diameter (hint: I used the base of the hair clip to measure one out and then used that one as a template for the others.  Also- use our microtip scissors, they are VERY sharp and will give you a clean edge.)

 Step 2: cover the base of your hair clip with one of the circles (just to cover all the metal bits).  Use one of the large red dots for this (we sell these and they are super strong adhesive circles and strips!)  I placed another red dot on the top for all the little pieces to stick too-but also used hot glue so the last one was probably not necessary.

Step 3: take one circle and fold it in half, fold it in half again and now one more time.  You should have a blossom of similar size and shape to what I have in the top picture.  You can use hot glue to glue that onto the  top of your base- I placed mine in an outer circle and then built up and in from there – this allowed it to grow into a full flower. 

Here is my flower part way through construction- coming together nicely!

And the finished look! You could add sparkle or any accessories you like- I  really liked mine just like this!

This is another item that will be available on August 1st- be sure to check back here as well as I will be showing MORE pieces over the summer!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er