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February means BOGO on Albums!

Wondering about the February special from Close to my Heart? Well, wonder no more! I am delighted that February means a BOGO on our new and gorgeous albums! It doesn’t matter the colour or style- all our gorgeous books are buy one get one for half price!

What is so great about our albums? Read on…

  • albums protect and display your beautiful artwork
  • our albums come in three colours/patterns: Lagoon Chevron, Ruby floral and black
  • all colours and patterns are available in post-bound and D-ring (more on those in a minute)
  • fabric covers are coated to allow for durability and they can easily be wiped clean (a huge perk if you have little hands looking through your albums)
  • album structure has been reinforced for durability (we have NEVER had an album as strong as these)
  • fits our memory protectors perfectly (and others will fit in them as well)
  • can fit 25-50 pages in a book depending on how thick your layouts are

So do I go D-ring or Post-Bound?

There is no right or wrong to these styles, it is just a matter of preference. For years I was a loyal post-bound girl but since we introduced D-ring I find myself switching camps. I love the ease of adding or removing pages (and since I am in and out of my books a lot the D-ring works better for my style).

  • D-Ring: easily insert pages, 1 1/2inch ring is very strong and will hold pages in tightly, works great with memory protectors with a raised seam (like those that work with Picture my Life)
  • Post-Bound: combined with our signature memory protectors with lay-flat seams your pages will sit without a gap, pages are extremely secure once in, posts unscrew easily, magnet closure flap over the posts conceals the albums inner workings!

What kind of album are you?? Comment in the comments below and I will draw ONE lucky winner at the end of February to receive a free album of their choice!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er