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Going on a Safari? Layout

Well I wish we were going on a Safari, but we did do the Canadian version of one! A few summers ago we visited African Lion Safari- a favourite tourist destination of our’s. You get to drive through very large areas where animals are living in a much more humane setting- no small cages or enclosures here. Of course, you keep your windows up and hope for the best when you drive through the monkey area but it is a great way to see animals in a much more natural setting!

Because we visit African Lion Safari often I was having a hard time deciding how I was going to scrapbook this visit- how would I make it stand out form other trips? Well our Memo Fundamental paper had the answer when I saw the map (especially the piece with Africa on it)  – how perfect! In the end I used that paper as my launchpad and developed a layout that I am very happy with! Big on memories from that day.
African Lion blog1

Items used: Memo Fundamentals, My Boy complements, Jennifer’s Hand Stamp set

African Lion blog 2

Have you tried our Memo Fundamental paper yet? I would love to see your creations- link them in the comments below!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

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Scrapbooking Heritage Photos

If you are lucky enough to have some heritage photos of your family then you definitely want to do something with them- these memories are the most precious of all and the stories behind them may already be lost. It is important to capture what you can before it is all, indeed, gone. Scrapbooking heritage photos can pose a challenge though with some of the papers on the market- you need just the right papers to make the overall look right.

Our Hello Lovely paper is the perfect fit! I just love how it looks with the photos I have of my family. These demonstrate the lost stories as well- although I can identify some of the family members (and will add that to my journaling as soon as I confirm with my Mom) the stories behind the day are lost. All the men are in uniform so I can imagine what might be happening- our family men off to the war- but I wish knew more. So much history here!
Heritage photo layout

What heritage photos have you scrapbooked? Do you know the stories behind them?

Until we craft again, The Brae-er