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It is a real THRILLER!

Welcome to the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!!
I am really excited to show you the THRILLER stamp set- a really fun and fabulous set perfect for Halloween pages, treats and other fun stuff!

To create my card I used some of our new Pear Cardstock and one piece of the Hooligans paper. I also used a Clear Card (one of the new sizes) and some of our Licorice Opaques.

To get the sparkly black colour to my card I heat embossed my images with a mixture of black embossing powder and prisma glitter- I love how it turned out!

I also did the same on the B&T paper but used clear embossing powder and prisma glitter.

The B&T paper is mounted on a piece of our new Mix and Mingle album that I had leftover after completing another project- what a great way to use of excess stuff!!

I hope you enjoyed your stop!
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Also be sure to check back here every day this month as I reveal new projects every day that feature Fall/Winter products!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Loving the Level 1 Again!

I LOVE a good personal challenge- this summer I entered the CTMH Make it from your Heart Contest a lot!! The deadline for consultants to get their artwork in is tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed that I win in at least one category. We win product credit and there is so much stuff I would love to get with it!
Entering the contest was not really my challenge though- I decided to enter into a few of the different areas- one of them was to enter a Level 1 page from the new papers. I do not usually do my own scrapbooking with Level 1- I feel restricted and stuck- so I took up the challenge and was really pleased with what I acheived!

I used the Hooligan Level 1 kit- and that is all!

We are not allowed to add anything else- in order to make some of my paper stretch I cut out the backs of my Sunset photo mats- this is a great way to save paper OR ensure you have enough Sunset paper for your layout!

I also love how I took a paper that many will only see as ‘Halloween’ and showed that you really can do anything with it! Austin was wearing an orange shirt that made this really easy AND our marshmallow bags (I purchased them at the dollar store) matched perfectly!! I guess it was just meant to be!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Stamp Camp and Photos

This past Saturday I help my team Stamp Camp with my partner in crime, Sarah. We do this every catalogue release and love it every time! It is a day of creating artwork, seeing artwork previously created, getting the answers about upcomig programs and mingling with fellow consultants. We also raise some money for Operation Smile!
Below are some of the pictures from that day- if you are part of my team or the Bod Squad and you are wondering where all the other pics are -they are coming! Many are part of my upcoming blog posts so you will need to keep checking back in order to see them.

We had a great time and in the end we were able to raise almost $100 for Operation Smile!

Well done ladies and I look forward to seeing you at upcoming events!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

New Product Blog Hop

Welcome to my corner of the blog hop- we are celebrating the release of our Fall/Winter line of products- and I am soooooo excited!! I have kept most of it under wraps the last two months and I finally get to share!
I have decided to share with you my favourite layout created with the new stuff so far- to create this I used a pattern out of our new book MAGIC- this book gives great tips for creating pages that fit LOTS of photos but allow you to hide them in creative ways (and yes it even shows you how to still put them in the page protector).

Above is my layout as it will usually sit and below is the left side page with the flaps opened up on my main photo!

New product used on this:
Olivia paper pack
Sunset Mini-Medleys
Olivia Stickease
Harmony Stamp Set
In the Month of September Stamp Set
As we go into September I will have new posts every few days to show some amazing new product so be sure to check back.
After September 1st if you live in Canada and would like to purchase any of these products please click here and you will be taken to my online shopping website!
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Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Triple Play is 3x the Fun!

Cute little album for sure!! I made this one for my mother-in-law as a little rememberance of our trip to DC. I have two others- each as cute as the first!! One is pink and the other is brown and orange. I am saving this to give away as prizes at my Catalogue Launch on September 1st- make sure you are there since everyone always wins!!

If you cannot make it but still want these three little albums- you can order them or earn them!
1) Purchase the kit outright for $34.95

2) Place a minimum order of $30 in My Acrylix stamps and purchase the kit for $15

3) Place a minimum order of $47 in My Acrylix stamps and purchase the kit for only $5

You can order this stuff off my website here or email me here to place an order!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Operation Smile and my 1st Banner

A few weeks ago I received a really amazing email from CTMH- it congratulated me on being number 1 in Canada for Operation Smile donations! I was so happy and excited to hear this- I love Operation Smile as a charity and try to promote it as much as I can.
This was not something achieved on my own though- my team of consultants and my uplines host a small stamp camp three times a year. As part of this we raise money for Operation Smile and it has been my job to put that money through the system. I have also been encouraging my customers to round up their orders for Operation Smile! I knew that this was helping but never had any idea HOW MUCH good I was doing!!
After getting the news I decided to sit down and create a banner- I have seen so many beautiful ones lately and wanted to use a new product we have to make on of my own (the new item is called a Mix n Mingle Album- that is the only new thing I am going to name for you right now!)
I took a long time trying to come up with a word that was meaningful enough to be on my banner- and then it came to me – SMILE!! It was perfect- so I created my banner as an ode of sorts to all the things that CTMH and Operation Smile stand for! I hope you enjoy what I created- I know I am everytime I look at it on my scrapbook room wall!!

Hearts together- Operation Smile is about people working together and giving from their hearts- that might be money to help fund it or time to perform the surgeries.

There is so much love evident in this charity!!

I chose the word believe because I thought it really was a great representation of the doctors and nurses of Operation Smile- they know and believe everyday that they are making a difference and they will continue to make a difference!

Dream- for the dreams of the children, the parents and everyone who supports Operation Smile!

and Happily Ever After for those who are lucky enough to receive the surgery that will really change their lives.

Sadly- many are turned away BUT you can help!!
Contact me at and you can make a donation through me OR go to and donate online!
If you donate from this post please leave me a comment and send me your address- I will be sending those special people a special gift in the mail!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

6 Choose Me Kits for New Consultants!!

I am so excited to show you the fabulous new consultant kit that CTMH has to offer- this is in effect NOW!! For $149 Canadian you can get all the important business materials you need to get your business going PLUS 3 of the ‘choose me’ bundles below!
But that is not all- if you want to take advantage of the extremely good deal that you can get on these bundles as a new consultant- then you can take any or all of the additional 3 bundles for $47 each!! That is phenomenal!!

Check them out !

It can be a hard choice and I have coached a few new ladies through their options in the last few days- so here is my advice.

If you want to have a strong online presence-one that can come with great sales benefits through your online website AND all the rewards it has to offer (like special online sales and Studio J) then you should choose the bundles that include the one year website and one year membership to Studio J and throw in another one that you LOVE!!

If you feel that you are a much stronger papercrafter OR you are just unsure of the online stuff then you may want to choose the bundles that include new papercrafting product.

Whatever you choose you will LOVE it!! If you plan to do gathering and make this a real money-making business then I really feel that one of your bundles should be a paper one. You may wonder about this but the answer is simple- these bundles are designed to help you get started! They give you the supplies to show off a potential workshop to your customers PLUS have some product to use for demo purposes at your gatherings.

If you live in Canada and want more information then please contact me at by clicking here
OR if you know this is what you want to do then click here to fill out the online application!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Canada Day Layout using Magic!

This is a layout I created after returning home from convention- I was really inspired to play with my product in a new way. I wanted to mix one piece of patterned paper with different colours of cardstock to create something really distinct. I love when CTMH artwork does this and really aspire to get good at it!
In this layout I used a piece of patterned paper from the Animal Cookies kit and matched it with Sweet Leaf and Dutch Blue Cardstock. I LOVE how this turned out- this is actually the first time that I have 100% been happy with a Canada Day layout I created. I find it a very hard event to really do justice too. It also helps that I had the fabulous Oh Canada stamp set from CTMH.
To add some fun elements I was generous with my stamping but also did some fun circles created using three different colours of brads. The best element was the tag booklet on the layout- this is the MAGIC part and for more details you will have to wait!! But, the booklet is amazing and mine holds an additional 10 photos!!! Instead of clogging up my layout OR making one event into more pages than I needed I used this special layout and it is all there in such a magical way!! Watch for more artwork with a similar MAGICAL feel!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Very Secretive….

This is all I can give you- are these not just super cute!!
I can’t give you more right now because I am working on TWO upcoming videos PLUS tonnes of new product stuff (and I won’t release that until closer to September 1st). Don’t fret though- I do have some lovely posts coming up very soon and one of the videos will be released next week!
Check back then to see how I made these flowers!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er