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Lipsticks- How to Combine your Colours!!

In case you have not been watching Jeanette Lynton’s blog (our fab leader and founder of CTMH) then you have been missing out on some great colour combinations that she features every Monday. These are priceless as they help you to match your colours in new and fabulous ways – and if you are like me and colour challenged then they are a MUST when you are trying something new!!

A few years ago we had a great colour combination book but since we seem to have a few colours change every year it was discontinued and not brought out- too bad as I LOVED it and still use it when I can. With this is my mind I decided to add the ‘lipsticks’ or colour samples from Jeanette’s blog to here so that you can see all of the ones that you have missed. If you want to see the projects that Jeanette featured with these colours then click on her blog on the left of this page!! Also, be sure to watch her blog each Monday for a new set of four colours!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Update on my fitness program

Thanks to all of you who sent me good wishes as I began my journey to OWN my body again!! I am happy to say that I am still on track – workout wise I am on Day 17 – I took a few days off when we went away (although got a workout there from climbing all the stairs up to the waterslides!!) and has been very sick with a cold this week (figures since kids and teachers are out for the summer – Murphys Law is that we get sick first thing!).

As far as the workout goes though things are great- I am able to achieve more of the harder ones (like the killer ab workout that has us do 369 ab and core moves in 15 minutes). I think at the beginning I was completing 20 but after the other day I felt I had done over 200!! It really is amazing to see how these moves become easier with time. I am not sure about changes to my weight or inches but my Mom says she notices a difference.

Here is my before picture-

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

HOWLS of fun at Great Wolf Lodge!!

If you are assuming that my child spent the weekend howling every time he saw an image of a wolf them you would be right!!! And, since Great Wolf Lodge is full of them he spend most of his weekend in the above pose! Completed by his racoon hat (fake I assure you) he had such a great time. If you have never been to one and you have children I recommend it- I am sure that they are all very similar. We spent the weekend at the one in Niagara Falls. Friday evening was gorgeous and we got in some waterpark time and took a trip down to the Falls, Saturday it rained all day but this was no problem as we spent the entire day at the waterpark (so nice not to have a day ruined by weather-especially since the weather has not been very nice). Sunday we went into the main area of Niagara Falls and spent some time at a few of the attractions- Ripleys Museum and the Toussard Wax Museum- that is my hubby and myself below in one of those places!!
What a great time!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Super-Yummy Brie Recipe for my friend Sabrina!!

I make this yummy brie recipe a lot when I know that I am having the ‘ladies’ over to scrapbook- my friend Sabrina loves it and keeps asking for the recipe- it is based on a Pampered Chef recipe.

To make the mix- use 1/2 cup of brown sugar and mix with 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard.

Preheat oven to 425. Cut Brie in half horizontally. Place one half, cut side up, onto the center of a stone (or a pan if that is what you have). Spread half the mix onto the botton half of the brie. Place the remaining half on brie on top, cut side up. Spread remaining mix over brie. If you like you can top with pecans.
Cut up a french baguette and arrange slices around the brie, spray with vegetable oil. Bake 8-10 minutes. Remove and let stand for five minutes.

I wish I had a picture but this never lasts long enough to take one!!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

LOVE the circle cards- workshop coming soon!

The above lovely circle cards are all created using ‘Wishes” and our Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Pack- and a bevy of beautiful accessories. Feel free to join me on August 10 at 6:30 to create these 7 cards plus some more!! The cost is only $15.00 and this gives you all of your supplies and enough leftovers to even create some duplicates.

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

For me!!

I was super-excited today to receive this award from sweet Helen- we met on the Mediterranean Cruise with CTMH last fall!

The rules for this one are:
Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
Pass the award on to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I certainly do not know that many new bloggers but I will do my best:

Christina I recently discovered her blog and have found some great inspiration there!

Tresa I love the variety and her very cute and funny video tutorials!!

Jamie I found her gorgeous blog through surfing other ladies blogs.

Sarah lots of neat things that she has created- I love the variety.

Laurel just an all out gorgeous blog!!

Sadly that taps me out- I know that I am missing some more newly discovered blogs that deserve this award but I have yet to discover them!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Teacher Gifts: Cards with French stamp set

I was so excited when CTMH came out with a french stamp set again- we tried it a while ago but I guess they never caught on. My son goes to a french school and is in Maternelle (JK) and this is the first year end teacher gift that I had to create. A friend, and fellow mother at the school, had a great idea of creating a set of cards using the french stamp set “Gracious Greetings” and then also giving her a new stamp set, block and stamp pad. I loved the idea so it is a good thing that our children are in different grades!!

Below are the 10 cards that I created (all came from the Just Because Workshop in the new Wishes book and use Aspen paper).

And here is the finished gift for the teacher!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Painted Memory Keeper Box

I found a great Two Peas in a Bucket video that showed the CTMH Memory Keeper Box being painted and I just had to try it!! This box I created to keep all the souvenirs in from the FREE Mediterranean Cruise that I earned with CTMH (it was fabulous).

For paint, I used our white base paint and mixed in some Sunflower re-inker until I achieved this lovely yellow tone you see above. I then painted in on the box and before a side dried I wiped it with a baby wipe to soften the paint lines and give the colour a chalky look. I used some of our chipboard frames and one of our new Bon Voyage stamp set to decorate the box- last I added the sticker in the center- it is from our Perfect Day stickease set.

Here is the link to the video on you tube if you would like to see it and create your own!!

Now all my memories are at my finder tips as this box fits nicely on a shelf and even though you cannot see it in this picture- I have decorated the spine so that I can tell what is in the box at a glance!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er

Goodie Box Galore!!

I just love our deal of the day special and I absolutely cannot wait to get my goodie box- mine does not come until later this week but thanks to consultants who live closer I got a sneak peek at what is inside. The contents have varied slightly for those who ordered but it seems to be basically the same type of stuff.

This photo was supplied by Babra at– one of those lucky girls who lives closer to corporate headquarters!!
Why is this important to you….. because today there is another goodie box to purchase- for just $49.95 you will receive $99.95 in product- and as you can see it is fantastic stuff!! Do not miss out- this is only available until tomorrow morning at 9:00am and supplies are limited (the last box did sell out!).
Click here to get yours

Until we craft again, The Brae-er