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One of the top 6 in Canada!!

There is nothing as exciting to me as the recognition that receive through Close to my Heart- it really makes me feel so special and I love that someone has noticed me!!
Yesterday I received an email that was really exciting- it congradulated me on being one of the Top 6 consultants in Canada for MYCTMH sales!!! That is awesome – I never really felt that this was an area that I was excelling in and I certainly did not have it is a goal area- but, I guess you just never know!!
So, I want to say a special thanks to anyone who has placed an order on my website- it is really because of you that I am in this spot. What does this distinction mean? who knows but I do love the thought!!
If you have not been there yet I updated my calendar and added all new artwork yesterday so check it out!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


Stamping with Angels and Animals!

These two cute cards were created for my upcoming weekend stamp camp that I run with my upline for our teams- this is the first weekend and it should be a blast!!
These cards were created using our Animal Cookies Creative Basics Paper (which comes with a gorgeous white daisy grosgrain ribbon- that is really wide!!). For my stamp set I used Angel Whispers- it is very similar to the flower you find in the Animal Cookies paper.
Hope you enjoy!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


A Child’s Masterpiece and a Mother’s Joy!!

Well, here it is – my son’s layout about his mom. For a little guy I think he did a great job!! He used part of the My Child’s Reflections Kit on Valentine’s Day to create his two pages and then just added accessories and some stamping. I wrote his journaling for him today- The first part says ‘Mom is best at…’ scrapbooking (of course) and cooking (this one is funny as I hate to cook). The second part says ‘Things I Love about Mom…’ she has long hair and she reads to me. So cute!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


Scapbooking with Kids!!

Well this cute guy is my five year old son Austin- he was the inspiration behind my kids club. He loves to scrapbook and get into ‘Mommy’s stuff’ so I decided to channel it into something that was not going to make me lose my mind! Last month was our first group and the kids that came had a great time – they created four 9×9 simply snapshot pages based on the pictures they brought. They added a title, some accessories and we did some journaling. This was the most fun and very cute- since two of the boys are young (5 and 6) they could really only copy letters down well- so I wrote out what they wanted to say on scrap paper and they copied it- I sent my copy home with them so that the parents could decipher it!! My group comes again today and we are going to work on some Mother’s Day pages- when they are done I will post some of their work!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


Tinkerin’ around with the new product!

My new product came the other day and I have been in my own personal heaven each time I find a moment to slip away and work on it!! This is my favourite layouts so far and it is part of the Tinkerin’ workshop on the go. I am offering this is a Kit of the Month in June. I just love all the new stuff – I cannot wait to show all of you the great new felt accessories and our new flip flap page protectors next week at the Catalogue Launch!! See you then!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


A Perfect Easter!

Who would have thought that our Easter would turn out to be so perfect but in a very unexpected way! My father is famous for buying my son, Austin, somewhat inappropriate gifts- usually they are borderline dangerous. This year was no exception as after Easter Mass he presented my five year old son with his gift- a working bow and arrow! Over lunch I was teasing my dad about his gift choice- “So, is his mace on back order?” (for those of you who may not know what this particular weapon is I encourage you to google it). He just laughed. That afternoon we headed to my brother’s house in the country for Easter dinner and an afternoon hike- of course the boys (large and small) had to pull out the bow and arrow set. After a lot of hesitation on my part we all took turns with it and ended up having an extremely enjoyable afternoon. Just before dinner Austin can into the house from the garage- his Papa and Uncle in tow- all with very large smiles on their faces. Austin came in and said, “Look what I found!” as he held up a medieval MACE!! I could not believe it (really who just has one of these in their garage). Everyone thought it was very funny and a great end to a perfect Easter Sunday.

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


A Sneak Peek at our new card book ‘Wishes’

Although the paper, stamp sets and accessories used on the above cards are not new- the patterns used are. When I received my new catalogue last week I was super-excited to see that a new card book was coming- although it is not available until June consultants have been given access to three of the patterns. Want to get your hands on the sneak preview patterns?? Then email me at and I will send them to you!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er


Tickled Pink Scrapbooking Kit Preview

No, this is not a scrapbooking page but that will come later- I wanted to tease you with a preview of the Tickled Pink Scrapbooking kit that will be available starting April 15 for National Scrapbooking Month in May!!
These two cards are part of a series that I have created with the leftover material from my kit (wait till you see the rest).
The card on the left is made with a pattern out of Originals and the paper from Tickled Pink. The crocus was made by folding up a Just Blooms Big Pink flower and adding a Pretty Pin wrapped in Sassy strands for the stem.
The card on the right is just stamping – but it is my favourite!! I first stamped the large pink flower with Blush ink and then clear embossed over the image. This allowed me to stamp over the image with the smaller flowers (I just wiped off excess ink). It created the illusion of depth without the work of masking. Over top of the whole card is a transparency- on this I stamped the sentiment with black staz-on ink. I then added the while flower brad that is part of the accessories in the Tickled Pink kit. The brad holds the transparency onto the card AND adds a great flower center!!

Until we craft again, The Brae-er